Online Casino Malaysia – Where To Play In 2021

From being a small category of the gambling world to becoming one of the most sought after games in the world, online casinos have come a long way. The number of players who actively engage in online gambling is now in the millions. Every day, millions of players from different continents of the world log on to online casinos or poker sites. The experience is quite real; we can tell you (if you haven’t played an online casino game as of yet)!

The benefits of online casinos are numerous. The prime advantage of playing a game like poker online is the ease of access and convince. A player also gets online casino bonuses and loyalty points if he or she keeps revisiting that gambling platform. One gets real value for their money, and a variety of payment methods are available as well. We can go on, but these are some of the key reasons why online casinos have become so popular recently!

Identifying The Best Online Casinos In Malaysia

There is no shortage of online casinos in Malaysia, rest assured about that. However, finding a trusted online casino with the best games can be a bit of a struggle. We have got these shortlisted for you, don’t worry! However, before we dive into that discussion, let’s try to answer the critical question. What are the key features of a grand online casino? We did a bit of research and found the following factors to be most influential in determining the reputation of an online casino.

  •  An excellent online casino offers free credits to its players when they sign up. Some online casinos also offer free spins.
  • Player-friendly deposits are provided by only the best online casinos in Malaysia and worldwide as well.
  • Two-way communication always solves problems on the spot, and a live chat feature ensures that. It is a must feature in an online gaming setup.
  • The payment options must be diverse. That will allow players from more regions to compete against those who are a part of online casinos.
  • The graphics and interface must be user-friendly. The players must not face any difficulty while navigating through the features during the gameplay.

Best Online Casinos In Malaysia

Like we said before, you will find the internet riddled with online casinos. However, distinguishing the quality from the ordinary stuff is the real deal. We did some research and shortlisted two of the best online casinos in Malaysia. Let’s have a look at what makes these casinos so unique.

1- 888 Casino

888casino has been the leader of the online casino industry for the last couple of decades. Millions of players all around the world put their trust in this giant online casino. Malaysian players are no different; they use 88casino daily to satisfy their passion for online gambling. It is essential to understand what makes this online casino such a trusted platform. The prime reason for the popularity of this online casino is the unique gaming experience that players experience at 888casino. The in-house developed games are a unique feature, and so is the live chat, which is available all the time!

2- 22bet

If you are an ardent fan of slots and want a betting platform with a diverse range of payment methods, 22bet is your ideal choice. There are so many perks that you get, only if you opt for this online casino. There is customer support available in your native language. An exclusive fan shop simply seals the deal. There are more than 100 slots and 200 plus payment methods available at 22bet Malaysia. The live chat and customer support are open 24/7!

Best Games In Online Casinos Malaysia

Now, let’s have a look at the best games in online casinos in Malaysia. The diversity found in this aspect directly influences the reputation of the concerned online casino. Let’s have a look at what games are available in online casinos in Malaysia!

1- Bacarrat

The factor of luck heavily influences this game. Malaysians love any game which has a high percentage of risk. Generally speaking, luck-based games are quite popular in Malaysia, and Bacarrat is no different from this rule. Make sure you read all the rules and have proper guidance before you try your hand at a fascinating game of Bacarrat. The 888casino we mentioned previously is one of the most popular online casinos when it comes to Bacarrat. You can enjoy a game on this great platform while enjoying a cup of tea in your bed on a lazy Sunday afternoon!

2- Dragon Tiger

Make baccarat even more straightforward, and you have Dragon Tiger. That is one of the crowd favorites in Malaysian casino culture. If you haven’t played this game before, let us give you an insight into the playing manual.

One card is handled to the dragon, one to the tiger, and then it is left to a player’s thought process. He or she has to bet on which card the higher one is. It appears quite a random game, right? Like what could be more random then assigning high or low to cards arbitrarily? You will be surprised to know about the complexity that is involved in this whole process! Understanding betting amounts, keeping track of card ranking, and other factors can make or break a game in a matter of moments!

Online Casinos Malaysia For Android And iOS

Mobile apps have revolutionized the world of online casinos. Those old casino vibes are fading away as we enter the world of mobile casinos. Speaking from different aspects, which include convenience and cost, mobile casinos quite easily trump even the online casinos.

However, If you are a Malaysian player who is in pursuit of mobile versions of online casinos, you are facing a tough ask. Yes, there are mobile online casinos available. But their quality is most dubious. Now, don’t get us wrong. There are some outstanding versions available on the app store for android users. iOS users also don’t have to worry too much. Another way of enjoying the online casino experience on your smartphone is to log on to the websites via your browser. Platforms like 888casino and 22bet are fully aware of the problems faced by Malaysian players. Hence, these online casinos have optimized their websites to be fully compatible with smartphone browsers. We must applaud their efforts; all the features are the same as the ones on the desktop version. The gambling experience becomes more straightforward if you opt for a mobile version of these platforms!

Deposits And Withdrawals

Three elements make transactions efficient in the world of online casinos. These factors include safety, reliability, and the rapidity associated with a transaction. Not just in Malaysia, these requirements are pretty much essential all across the globe when it comes down to the gambling-related transactions.

There are a couple of points that you must be aware of before you start winning big at an online casino. You are solely responsible for trusting them, and if they play dirty, you have only yourself to blame for that. Secondly, if your preferred method of payment is direct to a local Malaysian bank, you can encounter a few hurdles there as well. It is so because not many online casinos in Malaysia cooperate with the local banks. If you can get these issues sorted out, you are in for a fantastic experience of gambling at the online casinos!

Casino 2

888casino and 22bet are brilliant when it comes to transactions. They pay you immediately if you are winning at their online casino, they pay you fast! The payment range is also quite diverse; plenty of platforms offer their services, too. You can opt for any of these reputable platforms and fulfill your depositing or withdrawing needs!


Well, that’s a wrap. Online casinos are a significant contributor to the astounding cash flow in the gambling world that takes place daily. Malaysian online casinos are no different. Those playing in these online casinos in Malaysia have plenty of opportunities to double their winnings, courtesy all the bonuses showered on them by the generous online casinos. Players from Malaysia compete with players from around the world daily. Thanks to secure deposits and withdrawal methods, the online casinos are booming well in Malaysia!

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